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Hear firsthand how the DECCO difference has helped our customers get even the toughest jobs done right.

Wes and the whole team at DECCo were a pleasure to work with. When issues or design changes came up, they were quickly addressed and resolved with satisfaction from the entire project team. I felt very comfortable and had a lot of trust that we were making the right decisions every step of the way.

-Rick Tucker, Project Manager, Davenport, IA

Over the course of the last 20 years the Government Bridge has experienced a significant leap into the future from the 100 year old technology that had been the mainstay of swing span operation for decades. Certainly there had been upgrades made over the years, but none so great as the ones implemented to our operating systems. High tech electronics have replaced the outdated systems of the past. A new surveillance system has allowed us to reduce cost for the government by allowing all operation to be controlled in the bridge tower. Along with this sophisticated technology comes the demand for experienced, reliable and dedicated personnel that can provide the personnel to troubleshoot and maintain the multiple systems that we rely on 24/7. We rely on those systems for navigation, rail movement and the constant flow of vehicular traffic that flow under, over and across the bridge daily. If something goes wrong here it gets everyone's attention. Davenport Electric has been our contractor of choice based on their outstanding performance in those crisis situations that demand experienced and dedicated technicians ready to assist us at a moment's notice regardless of the time, day or night. They have gone above and beyond in providing service as well as information on proposed improvements that will continue to allow us to provide the level of service the government expects and the public deserves. In my opinion there is none better, DECCO is the contractor of choice!

-Mike Dunne, Bridge Supervisor, Osco, IL